Armwrestling Training Table Full Optional

Special exemption scheme for small business, plus shipping

Delivery Time 7 - 8 Business days

The table has undergone major structural changes, making it even more professional: the legs of the table are now tubular, while the platform with protection of the athlete's rests has been replaced!

This table includes a Forearm Machine, a Fingers Handle and a pulley!

⚠️There are discounts for clubs, teams and arm wrestling associations regarding the purchase of the full optional table! If you decide to purchase the table please contact us in the "Contact me" section of the website and make arrangements with us!⚠️

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New table suitable for all types of training! The full optional version includes the table, pulley, forearm handle, pronator handle and finger handle! Made entirely of satin steel, this table will last a lifetime!

Whenever you want, you can disassemble all the training equipment and turn the table into a real regulation table!

Table constructed according to regulatory measurements, delivery will take 30 working days.


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You can buy this amazing table in partial version:

Table + pulley (1365 €)

Table + fingers handle (1670 €)

Table + handle for forearms and pronators (1520 €)


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Only for the first 20 tables full optionals that are sold, there will be a €150 discount, shipping for only 15 €!