Top Roll Evolution 2.0

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Delivery Time 7 - 8 Business days

A brand new handle joins our store: the Top Roll Evolution 2.0!

Weighs 4.6 kg, 40 cm long, shoulder width 4 cm, diameter 17 cm. Frame thickness 7 mm. 

Painted steel material. Nickel-plated chain 40 cm, double chain thickness 12.39 mm, chain width 3 cm. 

Double training possibility by changing the rollers. Minimum width 25 cm / maximum width 37 cm.

Supplied with two Allen screws for assembly and disassembly of the handle.
It has a patented self-lubricated slide.

The handle is all assembled by hand, with high-precision welding by expert blacksmiths.

Complete with front hook for horizontal work.