THOR 70 mm

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70 mm diameter interchangeable roller handle, made entirely of bio-compatible Nylon PA 12, ready to be delivered!
With 3D technology with latest generation printer , used to produce parts for NASA.
Unique in the world, designed for safe and effective training. Its line was designed by a PC 💻 which designed an indestructible frame.
With this last generation handle light but at the same time very strong, you can pull about 800/1000 kg without any failure.
Pure space technology.
Made in Italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹

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The weight of the frame is 0.240 grams. The weight of the rollers + pins is about 0,400 grams according to the diameter of the rollers.

The thickness of the frame ranges from 6 to 10 mm following a space geometry with reinforced frame. 

Total weight of the handle 0, 640 grams.