Push Up Parallels

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Angled flexion handles to eliminate strain on wrists and joints. Ergonomic handles. Stable and sturdy structure with non-slip feet

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IRON GYM® Parallels are a simple and highly effective tool for strengthening and toning the entire upper body. The handles provide a solid non-slip base for all free body workouts.

Using IRON GYM® Parallels is a simple and very effective way to strengthen and tone the entire upper body. Parallels provide a solid, non-slip base and allow more freedom of movement than regular push ups. Parallels are angled to reduce strain on wrists and joints. IRON GYM® Parallels are compact and easy to store. Lightweight and compact enough to pack in your suitcase while traveling.

Effective way to strengthen and tone the upper body
Angled to eliminate tension on wrists and joints
Non-slip solid base
Lightweight and compact

Non-slip solid base
Made to last in construction

Original IRON GYM push-up parallels set of 2