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The Galaxy treadmill line has all the advantages for a challenging and fun workout.

Reliability is recognised by the 5-year warranty.

Products whose structure is completed in the fundamental technological features, which find in the affordability their added value.

The Galaxy Touch treadmill 15.6 inches approx. 6 hp, with touch screen, wifi, live map programs, internet, multimedia, preset programs is suitable for intensive use in any facility.

It is suitable for Professional use for intensive use in any structure.

More information

-High power inverter (AC motor)

-Speed (km/h) 1~25 KPH

-Inclination (%) 0~18

-AC motor 6.0 HP Peak

-Travel table with 8 damping springs

-Lubrication warning system

-Measurements LxWxH 2255 x 1000 x 1465 mm

-Belt surface 600×1520 mm

-Belt thickness 3mm

-Roll diameter 100mm

-Reverse 25 mm running board,

cushioned, in double phenolic layer

-Machine weight 185 kg

-Maximum user weight 250kg