Curved Treadmill Galaxy

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Curved Treadmill Galaxy - Zero Energy Consumption, pure green energy treadmill
Fully cushioning belt, safe and comfortable. Transmission system with precision bearings, smooth, zero resistance, low noise, zero energy consumption, zero maintenance costs, no adjustment or lubrication of the belt as in traditional treadmills
The treadmill with lcd display shows time, distance, movement speed, calories, you can adjust the resistance with mechanical adjustment by knob acting on the magnetic mechanism

More information

Dimensions of curved running belt : H: 1700 mm * L: 440 mm
Quantity of bearings: 122 pieces
Belt thickness: 35 mm
Treadmill dimensions: L: 1975 mm * W: 855 mm * H: 1510 mm
Magnetic resistance = mechanical adjustment from 1 to 8
LCD display :Rotation speed / speed / time / distance / calories
Machine weight: 165 kg
Max user weight: 200 kg